When I was probably 5 or 6, my dad brought home an early 70's Grand Prix with a big block and what I assume were cherry bombs or something similar. It sounded awesome. When I asked him why it sounded that way, he told me, in true dad fashion, that it was from sitting on the hood. To this day he can't explain why,… » 11/24/10 12:44am 11/24/10 12:44am

I really wanted this to be my first car way back in 1990, though I was leaning more towards silver w/black. Back then it would have had to have been under $5k for one with 60k miles or so, as that was my budget. I don't regret not getting one enough to drop $8k on it now though. » 11/16/10 4:40pm 11/16/10 4:40pm

I got to meet him at a show many years ago very briefly. IIRC, he was there with a Diablo and a Testarossa. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Also, the girl with him proved that he practices what he preaches. » 11/16/10 4:03pm 11/16/10 4:03pm

Most of my friends have lots of kids, and so I've sold 2 Expeditions in the last year. They all start off wanting Tahoes, which is a lousy family vehicle if you have more than 3 kids because the 3rd row is useless and the cargo space is nonexistent with it in place. I recommend they drive the Tahoe, the Sequoia, and… » 10/29/10 1:10pm 10/29/10 1:10pm

@BlackVR: Ditto here. I commute in a manual, and always have. I like the fact that in traffic I have to pay extra attention to drive smoothly, and when it opens up I am having more fun than the other schlubs out there talking on the phone or applying makeup. Every day I get to practice trail-braking into my… » 9/10/10 1:58am 9/10/10 1:58am

@BtheD19: Love that one. I spent barely more on my '06 X3 than I would have spent on an '07 Rav4 or CX-7, that still wouldn't have been as well equipped, and isn't available with an MT . » 8/19/10 12:21pm 8/19/10 12:21pm

I love my 1st gen Sequoia in all of it's high ground clearance, 2 sp transfer case, body on frame glory. The only issue I've had in 117k miles was a rear window that wouldn't go down, fixed in 20 minutes by me for free. It is the most useful thing I own. The biggest thing that will keep me from buying the new one… » 7/29/10 8:30am 7/29/10 8:30am

@trev: I have a friend who bought a Boxster straight out of med school. One day, as a prank, a couple of guys put a "For Sale" sign on it in the church parking lot, with "perfect gift for your daughter's HS graduation." Shortly thereafter he traded it for a Carrera 4S. I believe he asked for "the man's Porsche." » 7/06/10 11:51am 7/06/10 11:51am

Duplicate keys - I had a friend in high school with an old Impala that did not require keys to start or open, and another with a Jeep CJ and a substance abuse problem that caused her to frequently leave the keys in it. Needless to say, I rarely took my own car to lunch. Sometimes the cars made it back, sometimes… » 7/06/10 11:23am 7/06/10 11:23am

@John Carter: I had that exact one, but with the touring package. It was named "the best-handling front wheel drive car" at the time, and was a blast to drive, esp with the MT. At the same time, it was fairly luxurious, got over 30 mpg, and could accomodate me, 3 friends, and our luggage in comfort for a road trip. … » 6/22/10 11:24pm 6/22/10 11:24pm

If you asked my dad he would tell you that it was a 912 that nearly bankrupted him when newly married. I would argue it was the light blue 1990 Taurus GL fleet special, that while not inherently bad, did not elicit any kind of emotional response whatsoever. I make fun of his Highlander today, but he does have a… » 6/20/10 11:26pm 6/20/10 11:26pm

I like minivans, but until somebody will build one that legitimately seats 8, has AWD, and can pull a 4000 lb trailer without blowing up the transmission, I'll be in a body-on-frame SUV. Everybody says they're such great people movers, but the seats are tiny (especially the 3rd row) and I often carry 4 adults and 4… » 6/19/10 10:33pm 6/19/10 10:33pm

The first of my dad's cars that I remember was a 240z. I am still in love with those, and he has another now. Before I can remember, he had a '66 T-Bird that I attempted to drive at the age of 1 and dented after nearly crushing my mom. I have seen a picture of myself going home from the hospital in his (not… » 6/17/10 6:42pm 6/17/10 6:42pm

I once broke up with a girl the same day I had traded a friend for her Wrangler for a couple of months. College chicks dig Wranglers, a lot. A month later, I also came into possession of a late model Range Rover (long story). College chicks dig Range Rovers even more than Wranglers. » 6/11/10 3:30pm 6/11/10 3:30pm

I once owned a Mountaineer. It's redeeming feature was that it had AWD instead of the part time 4wd of the Explorer. The real reason we bought it though is that it had worse resale value than the Ford because nobody knew what it was, making for a better deal used. » 6/07/10 11:18am 6/07/10 11:18am